Barista's Blend - A197 Coffee by Alterra / Flavia

Alterra Flavia Coffee - Barista's Blend

$$11.30 / rail
(20 Flavia Filterpacks)
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We created this recipe of dark roasted beans to yield a rich, smoky cup that any barista would be proud to serve! This coffee was inspired by the award-winning baristas that have been a tradition in Alterra's coffee shops. This big-bodied coffee is dark roasted and yields a rich, smoky cup of coffee.

More than 30% of the coffee in our Barista's Blend originates from Rainforest Alliance Certified „ farms.

5 rails per case
20 freshpacks per rail. Order Quantity is based on rails.


  • strength: 5
  • roast: Dark
  • taste: Intense